October 4, 2020


KERRIE ISAAC, Executive Director

Kerrie Isaac is an energetic leader with a passion for supporting individuals through education, networking, and collaborative opportunities to affect social change. With 10 years of experience in child development and education, Kerrie began to recognize the importance and need for prevention of sexual violence and education for children and youth in developing respectful and healthy relationships. 

In 2016, Kerrie became the Executive Director of SASS and since then has grown the organization into a team of academics and advocates who are passionate about ending sexual violence and has successfully recieved funding for several major projects like the Saskatchewan First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training and the Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan.


As SASS’s Project Specialist, Patience oversees the implementation of key actions from the Action Plan, supports the Capacity Building Initiatives of the organization, and connects SASS with national strategic initiatives that are working to address gender-based violence across Canada. 

Patience also led the development of the first comprehensive study on the stat of sexual violence in Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Violence Action Plan. The research report title Sexual Violence in Saskatchewan: Voices, Stories, and Actions from the Front Lines, informed the developmen of 22 actions outlined in Working Together (2019), the first Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan.

KRISTINA KAMINSKI, Project Coordinator – VACR File Review

Kristina has an educational background in International Affairs whereby and focused her research studies on global Indigenous rights issues, and on the treatment of women and children during conflict, and genocide. 

She has volunteered for the Regina Sexual Assault Centre’s crisis line, became a certified FRT (First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse) Facilitator and has served as a board member and as the Board President until 2019. 

Her passion and work on the issue of sexualized violence for over 8 years has brought her to SASS where she is the Project Coordinator for the VACR Advocate Case Review project in Saskatchewan.

ASHLEY KILBACK, Communications Specialist

Ashley is a writer and storyteller with an educational background in marketing and communications. For the past three years, her work has focused on using storytelling as a tool to communicate complex issues and connect people in meaningful ways. 

As the Communications Specialist for SASS, Ashley has co-led an organizational rebrand, developed the “No Story Left Untold” campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness campaign in 2020, and is in the process of creating SASS’s first comprehensive communications plan.