January 8, 2020


The work we do is led by the collaborative efforts of our members, stakeholders, and community partnerships to address the issue of sexual violence in Saskatchewan. Together, we are committed to creating change from the front-lines to the legislative.

Our current initiatives include:

First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training (FRT)

The FRT is a comprehensive standardized two-day training developed by the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services. The is for

professionals, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and community members who are interested in learning how to respond appropriately to sexual assault disclosures. The course focuses on the social, cultural, and legal aspects of sexual assault and abuse required to address disclosures. 

FRT is offered by our member agencies in communities across Saskatchewan. If you or your organization is interested in receiving this training, contact one of the member agencies below that is closest to you for more information on upcoming training dates.

Saskatchewan Sexual Violence Action Plan 

In 2019, we released the provincial action plan Working Together: Your Voice, Your Story, Your Action.  The action plan is an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to addressing the issue of sexual violence in Saskatchewan, and is the result of a provincial survey study and key stakeholder expertise. The document outlines 22 actions focusing on prevention and education, support and intervention, responsive legal and justice systems, and collaborative leadership and accountability.

Download a digital copy of the action plan here.

Sexual Violence in Saskatchewan: Voices, Stories, Insights and Actions from The Front Lines Research Report

In collaboration with the Community-University Institute for Social Research at the University of Saskatchewan, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Women’s Secretariat and the Saskatchewan First Nation Women’s Commission, we released a comprehensive report on the issue of sexual violence in our province on April 29, 2020. The aim of this research is to garner a comprehensive understanding of sexual violence in Saskatchewan through an examination of sexual violence experiences and the existing strengths and gaps in service provision.

We are deeply moved by the strength, resiliency and bravery of survivors, family members and friends of those who experience sexual violence. We also commend the front line workers and advocates who continue to support survivors and communities across the province. 

We send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in this study, and we hope your stories will spark meaningful change for the people of Saskatchewan.

Download a digital copy of the research report here. 

Violence Against Women Advocate Case Review (VACR)

In 2019, we partnered with Sunny Marriner to bring Saskatchewan’s first VACR to the province through its member agencies and other subject matter experts. The first implementation of VACR was launched in Regina in collaboration between the Regina Police Service and Regina Sexual Assault Centre.

The VACR connects sexual assault advocates and experts with local police stations to review all sexual assault files “cleared”, or closed without charges on a quarterly basis. It allows advocates to give feedback on what the police are doing well, what they could do better, and specific case recommendations.

To date, three successful reviews have taken place.

Read the story behind Saskatchewan’s first VACR here.