April 30, 2017


Practicum Students

SASS offers practicum and internship opportunities to students in the fields of Social Work, Justice Studies, Social Sciences and other relevant fields of study.

As a part of  the SASS team, students are provided with opportunities to be involved in ongoing research, public awareness, and advocacy initiatives. Students will learn about the scope and impact of sexual violence in Saskatchewan, the barriers that survivors experience when accessing justice, and the services that are available to support those who are impacted. Students will learn to think critically about the societal beliefs and attitudes that maintain sexual violence as well as the systems that impose and uphold barriers for survivors.

Tasks and opportunities for students are ever changing as SASS engages in different projects and initiatives, and tasks can be tailored to reflect each student’s learning goals and interests. Practicum students are given the opportunity to work with each team member on their respective projects to gain a comprehensive understanding of SASS’ role as a catalyst for creating societal and policy change.

What You’ll Do:

  • Assist Project Specialist in current research projects and initiatives
  • Be involved with Capacity Building and Fund Development initiatives
  • Writing tasks – drafting letters, emails, and informational documents for external communications
  • Correspond and engage with member agencies via email, telephone, and in-person to build relationships, share resources and information, and work collaboratively to reach common goals
  • Assist Communications Specialists with social media content to provide public awareness and education – may include research, writing, content design, and engagement with member agencies and the public
  • Opportunities to attend and learn from meetings between SASS and community partners, often acting as a note taker during these meetings – may include external research projects, committees, provincial/national networks, presentations, etc.
  • Opportunities, when available, to attend professional development workshops, conferences, and webinars
  • Administrative tasks where appropriate

What You’ll Get:

  • Gain an understanding of the systemic barriers experienced by survivors of sexual violence
  • Improve knowledge of the available supports and services across Saskatchewan for those impacted by sexual violence
  • Understand SASS’ role as a provincial level agency that provides support to front line agencies and engages with different levels of government
  • Improve communication skills by supporting SASS’ engagement with the public, member agencies, community partners, and levels of government
  • Gain an understanding of the operational and governance systems within non-profit agencies
  • Improve academic and creative writing skills
  • Develop time management skills and experience working collaboratively – students will gain experience balancing multiple tasks to support all team members with their respective projects

Past students have:

  • Assisted in developing legacy documents to communicate SASS’ mission and programs
  • Developed organizational documents to assist with fund development
  • Assisted the communications team with blog posts, social media and preparing materials for media

Sound like an opportunity for you? Reach out to info.sass@sasktel.net to learn more.