3 Short Videos From The Holistic Psychologist That Will Help You Heal At Home

As we transition into the new normal of staying at home during this time of global crisis, we are also being given an opportunity to practice new ways of healing.

We know there are many of you out there who are feeling unsure of how to heal without the regular support of counseling services or group programs as many have had to close their doors or limit their availability during this time.

If you are seeking alternative ways to heal at home, here are three different videos from The Holistic Psychologist to help you begin or continue your self-healing journey.

  1. 3 Important Tools For Healing

In this video, Dr. Nicole LePera shares three tools for healing that focus on observing your thoughts, making intentional choices, and developing a consistent practice.

In this video, Dr. Nicole LePera reminds us that our emotions are a mind and body experience that are valid and offers three practices that will help you move through emotional triggers.

In this video, Dr. Nicole LePera talks about the Vagus nerve that controls your nervous system and how you can develop a practice that helps you shift out of a constant state of stress and into a state of resting and healing.

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Remember: Wherever you are and whatever you’re feeling, know that you are not alone.

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