The Power of Believing The Stories of Survivors

During our research work, we traveled across the province of Saskatchewan and listened to many survivors’ share the reality of their experiences with sexual violence. One of the recurring themes in our conversations was that many survivors never told anyone about their experience for fear of not being believed. They shared with us that it[…]

Why Survivors’ Stories Aren’t Getting The Attention They Deserve

We’ve heard this story over and over again. A survivor speaks out about their experience with sexual assault or abuse and isn’t believed.  They aren’t believed by their family or friends.They aren’t believed by the community they live in.They aren’t believed by law enforcement.They aren’t believed by medical professionals.  There is a long line of[…]

No Story Left Untold: A Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign Sharing Voices, Stories, Insights, and Actions from the Front-Lines.

This week is Sexual Assault Awareness Week.  A week dedicated to raising awareness for sexual violence through public education recognized and proclaimed by the Ministry of Justice.  This year’s theme, “No Story Left Untold” focuses on sharing voices, stories, insights, and actions from the front-lines.  Everything that will be shared with you throughout the week[…]


Three years ago, we partnered with the Community-Institute for Social Research to conduct an extensive study of sexual violence in Saskatchewan. On April 29, 2020 the report, Sexual Violence in Saskatchewan: Voices, Stories, Insights, and Actions from the Front Lines, was released to the public in collaboration with the Community-University Institute for Social Research at[…]