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Online Learning

Learn the Fundamentals of Sexual Assault and Consent

Sexuality Education

Sexualityandu.ca is an initiative created by the society of obstetrics and gynecology of Canada, to provide guidance and information to help individuals develop and maintain a healthy sexuality.  


Criminal Code of Canada

   Criminal Code of Canada related to Sexual Assault. Starting on page 242.



Tea and Consent

Sex without consent is sexual assault – it’s as simple as tea. The “Tea and Consent,” video is a PSA by the Thames Valley Police explaining what consent looks like using a metaphor that is so simple yet effective!

If you’re still struggling to understand the meaning of consent, just imagine instead of initiating sex, you’re making them a cup of tea. You say, “Hey, would you like a cup of tea?” and they go, “OMG, yes, I would LOVE a cup of tea! Thank you!” Then you know they want a cup of tea.

Downloadable Consent Infographics


Engage by Uplift

Engage by Uplift is a YouTube community channel, which uses “real talk for real change”. Check out the number of videos that may be used an online resource to learn more about issues related to sexual assault. 


University of Alberta's Sexual Assault Centre

 The University of Alberta’s Sexual Assault Centre has created a series of videos addressing topics related to sexual assault such as important  terms, consent, role of alcohol in sexual assault, current rape culture, and debunking common myths. 


Women and Sexual Violence

Canadian Women's Foundation

As the leading voice for women in Canada, the Canadian Women's Foundation primarily focused on raising funds to end violence against women along with   building a stronger, more resilient community of women    through the promotion of best practices. Their fact sheet identifies important statistics, trends, and barriers to reporting and leaving for women in Canada.

Sexual Assault Statistics


Click to access sexual assault statistics in Canada. 

CALCASA: PreventConnect

Web Conference and online learning material on Building a Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls at the 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference .


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Violence Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's violence prevention unit has outlined what prevention looks like through their " Sexual Violence Prevention: Beginning the Dialogue " resource package. It intends to start a dialog about what it means and move upwards. 


Child Sexual Abuse

Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol

The Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol 2014 is a commitment by the  Saskatchewan Government, police, professionals and organizations to  collaborate in an effort to prevent and investigate child abuse and provide  support to child victims of abuse. 


Understanding Child Sexual Abuse: For Parents and Caregivers

 This handbook was designed for parents and caregivers by the Central  Agencies Sexual Abuse Treatment (CASAT) Program in Toronto, Ontario.  Hence, some examples of services and practices available in Toronto are  included. However, the information is as location-free as possible and it is advised to consult with the appropriate professionals in your community to learn about specific resources that may be helpful to you. 

School Counseling by Heart - A blog

School Counselling by Heart is a blog by Rebecca Lallier, is a  school counselor in the United States. This link shares a  collection of sexual abuse prevention activities and resources  she has developed and successfully used in elementary schools.

Safety Lessons - Video

 Sexual Abuse may be a confusing concept for a child to  understand. Here's a "Never-Done-Before-Super-Easy" video  that parents can use to teach children about important safety  lessons! 



Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


Wings Foundation

The WINGS Foundation is dedicated to helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It works to connect survivors, loved ones, providers and communities with the resources they need to speak about, heal from and thrive beyond CSA trauma, to live their lives. 


Ending Violence Association of BC

  Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Factsheet



Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV)


Western Education's Learning Network

 Western Education's Learning Network has created this factsheet dealing with important concepts related to intimate partner sexual violence. 


The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP) 



The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs's (WCSAP) resources:


Teens and Sexual Violence

Love Is Respect

Loveisrespect.org is the ultimate resource to empower youth to prevent and end dating abuse. There are various downloadable resources available on their website including bookmarks, posters and handouts.  

The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP)



The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs's (WCSAP) resources:

Abuse in Relationships: Would You Stop Yourself?








On Campus 

Guidelines for Universities and Colleges



As part of EVA BC's Western Canada Sexual Assault Initiative funded by Status Women Canada, Campus Sexual Violence: Guidelines for a Comprehensive Response and the Overview of Guidelines have been developed to support university and college campus communities in their response to sexual violence.





This one-page Overview of Guidelines provides an at a glance summary of the 10 guidelines developed to support university and college campuses. 






The complete 50-page guide, Campus Sexual Violence: Guidelines for a Comprehensive Response , is also available for download. 

Rape Culture

The University of Alberta's Sexual Assault Centre is breaking down the pervasive stereotype around sexual assault and unpacking the idea of  "rape culture" in this video!



 "When you do nothing, you're helping him. But when you do  something, you help her." Watch Ontario government's key  message in the video for the #Whowillyouhelp campaign. 


Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: Infographics



Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Public Services Health & Safety Association

 Bullying in the Workplace - A handbook for the workplace





Information on Labour Standards

Canada's Labour Code establishes an employee's right to employment free of sexual harassment and require employers to take positive action to prevent sexual harassment in the work place. 


Sexual Violence and LGBTQ Community 

Sexual Violence & Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ

Sexual Violence & Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ is an information packet containing resources focused on serving, engaging, and collaborating with individuals and communities who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer or questioning (LGBTQ). The packet contains resources to support counselors, advocates, prevantionists, technical assistance providers, and allied professionals committed to affirming all individuals and communities. 

Community Action Toolkit 

A community action toolkit for addressing intimate partner violence against transgender people.


After Sexual Assault: Guide to Survival for Transgender People



Be More Than A Bystander



EVA BC's Be More Than a Bystander , is a ground-breaking partnership between the BC Lions and EVA BC that sees sports icons from the BC Lions using their public profile to create awareness and urge everyone to "Break the silence on violence against women". 

Step UP!

Step UP! is a pro-social behaviour and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others. 



Decisions That Matter

 Carneige Mellon University (CMU) students developed a  part web comic, part game called "Decisions that Matter"  that helps raise awareness of situations where sexual assault  may take place. The game places you directly into the store  with a first person point of view presenting you with a series  of real world scenarios where you are a bystander. 

Downloadable Bystander Intervention Info graphics



Recovering From Sexual Assault 

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Handbook






Surviving Sexual Assault - A Woman's Guide 







Sexual Assault Handbook for Police and Prosecutors in Alberta

This handbook is designed for police and prosecutors in Alberta, however the information is relatable for other provinces. 




6-Trauma Related Info graphics