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About Sexual Assault

Definition of common words


Acquaintance or Non-stranger Rape/sexual Assault is from someone you know such as a friend, date, neighbour, class mate, co-worker or just met at a bar or event.

  • More than 75% of sexual assault survivors knew their perpetrator.

Coercion -  the use of pressure, threats and/or intimidation to force someone into a sexual activity. Examples are:

  • Repeatedly asking over and over again, or, bringing it up or pleading.
  • Blackmailing such as “if you don't do this I will break up with you"; "do this or I will tell everyone you…”
  • Minimizing: "just this one time"; "I am only asking you to.....”
  • Guilt: “If you love me, you would do it"; "you have to do it, I am your girlfriend/boyfriend"; "if you don't I will kill myself."
  • Not letting you leave the situation: locking the door or blocking the path out.
  • Bribing: "if you do this I promise I won't ask again"; "if you do this I will buy you ..."
  • Blaming: "You said you would, so now you can't back out"; "it's your fault we break up if you won't do this..."
  • Intimidation: "If you don't do this I will ...."

Diminished Capacity - a person does not have the ability to consent due to unconsciousness, drinking, drugs, sleeping or a physical or mental incapacity.

  • The perpetrator takes advantage of a person who is not able to consent.

Drug Facilitated Assault - the use of a drug or excessive alcohol to stop a person from being able to consent to sexual activity.

  • The drug is put into a person's drink when they do not notice.
  • Giving a person a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time.
  • Having sex with a person who is passed out.

Gang Rape - more than 2 perpetrators of a single victim.

  • Often pre-meditated.
  • Can happen from peer pressure.

Incest - sexual contact between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal such as parents and children; aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews).

  • Usually is an older family member sexually abusing a child or adolescent.

Pedophile - a common term used for an adult who has sexual interest in pre-pubescent children and infants.

  • Is a psychiatric disorder of both men and women

Peeping or Voyeurism - spying on people who are engaged in private or intimate behaviours such as undressing or sex.

  • The victim is unaware of being observed.
  • The "voyeur" does not usually interact or speak with the victim, and remains hidden.
  • Often happens through a window or cell phone camera.

Sexual Harassment - verbal, physical or visual actions that a person does not want and has not asked for.

There are many different ways it can happen and is an expression of power that usually happens in the work place or school from someone in authority. The harasser uses power and intimidation and the victim often hesitates to complain for fear of what may happen to her/his job or marks. It is often interpreted by men and women differently however the Sask Human Rights Commission defines it as "any behaviour the victim perceives as offensive".

  • sexual remarks,
  • jokes with sexual meanings and intent,
  • sexual advance or invitation for sex,
  • threats,
  • asking for sexual favours,
  • displaying offensive pictures or videos,
  • leering (staring constantly),
  • touching, patting, pinching, or brushing up against,
  • sexual and physical assault.

Sexual Touching and Fondling - unwanted sexual contact of genitals or breasts.

Stalking - known as the crime of Criminal Harassment is repeated behaviour over a period of time that causes you to fear for your safety or the safety of someone you know.

  • Following you.
  • Attempting to communicate when you don't want to by: telephone, in person, leaving messages on answering machines, or sending unwanted gifts, notes, letters or e-mails.
  • Persistently close by or watching your home or any place where you or anyone known to you lives or works.

Rape - forced sexual intercourse, including vaginal, anal, or oral penetration.

  • Penetration may be from a body part or an object.
  • Partner rape is committed by the individuals current partner (married or not), previous partner or co-habitor.